Sunday, August 7, 2011

From Old to Re-New'd

MAGGIE and some Chalk Paint

When we picked Maggie up, we knew that we were going to use some Chalk Paint because she is not made out of pure wood.  Chalk Paint is specifically formulated paint made for furniture and is made to be painted on ANYTHING, not just wood.  Well It turned out beautiful.  We went with fun and different knobs and would be perfect to use as a dresser, buffet for a dinning room or behind a couch in a living room.  Here are the before and afters...Hope you like her!

Here she is!


  1. Hi Rikki and Karis!

    I saw your blog on fb and was reading it at work today. Your store looks so awesome! Congratulations! Way to use your artistic talent; you are putting out some great stuff. Next time I am in Murrieta I will definitely swing by and check it out.

  2. Oh this is Danny Hall by the way.