Friday, July 29, 2011

From Old to Re-New'd

Meet Wicked, our newest piece.  She is a gem.  She took a ton of work to Re-New her to beauty.  We both love the way she came out.  We have been in the mood for some green and we haven't done anything green yet.  She had some serious chipping veneer issues which are visible in the before pictures.  But after some blood (literally), sweat (most defintiely) and tears (maybe just one)...she is a Re-New'd beaut!!

Here she is before a little lovin

All the veneer was chipping.  I had to remove it all.  That's where the blood, sweat and one tear came from!

The top was the worst.  Cracking, chipping and bubbling nightmare!

But she just turned out GLoRiOUS! (Have to make a trip to go get 2 more knobs for the bottom drawer, I just couldn't wait to post the picture)
I just love her!  She will have her other 2 knobs tomorrow!

Top is completely transformed!

Anthropologie Knobs!

She will be available in our store as of tomorrow.  She needs a good home!  More furniture on the way including a Mid-Century modern table with 4 chairs, a comfy chair, a coffee table and a sofa table!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. come to mama!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really want a spool book thing how much will they be?? can I leave a deposit to reserve one?? please let me know thanks :)