Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pink Dresser Giveaway

>> in the spirit of giving <<

a giveaway!

i have been feeling a tad grinchy this christmas.  for reasons i do not know.  i have absolutely nothing to be grinchy about.  in fact, i should be feeling completely the opposite.  i have everything to be joyful about.  i have a man that i love.  he just got news he got an amazing job after a lot of hard work and i am so proud of him.  i have an amazing family who supports and loves me through all my adventures |Renewd Furniture included|.  and a million other things to be incredibly grateful about.

so here goes it.  in the spirit of christmas and giving, i am giving away the beloved pink dresser.  

this dresser is a little special to me.  i tend to be a sentimental nerd sometimes and humans stories never cease to intrigue me.  this is probably why i love antiques so much is because unlike ikea furniture, each piece has a very unique story behind it.  it lived in someone elses home.  could have been a good home, could have been a bad home.  it saw peoples lives in action.  it may have been loved, it may have been thrashed.  i always find myself wondering what it has seen in its life.

most of the time i do not have the pleasure of finding out the story of my pieces.  most of the time i am left to use my imagination.  however, with the pink dresser, i got to hear the full story:

i bought this dresser from a little old lady who was being forced to downsize all of her belongings and move in with her family because of her age.  this dresser was her great grandmothers.  and her great grandmother loved this dresser.  she told me that she remembers this dresser in her great grandmothers house when she was a young girl.  her great grandmother didn't have a lot of  money back then but was always able to keep her dresser with her.  so when her great grandmother passed away, she inherited the dresser and her grand kids grew up with the dresser in her house.  she was the cutest old lady and  l o v e d this dresser.  she made me promise that i would give it some much needed love again and make sure that it went to a loving family who would cherish the dresser as much as her family has.  well, i made the promise and i hope to keep it.

i would love to gift this dresser to a family and give it some love again sooo.

>>here are the rules<<

follow @renewdfurniture on instagram, repost the "win this dresser" pic and you will be entered to win the dresser.

you want 2 entries to win? 
like my facebook page as well at 

i will even personally deliver the dresser with in 100 miles of Murrieta, CA
if you love outside of 100 miles of Murrieta, CA we will have to figure out a way to ship it to you.
>>winner will be chosen on christmas day<<
dimensions are 43 1/2 in tall x 37 1/2 in long x 20 in deep

>>renewd furniture is back in action folks<<

stay tuned for a lot more in 2015!

here's a little before pic of the dresser in its "i need some love" state. 

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