Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You thought this was good huh???

You all remember this awesome bench right... it was good just like it was...ready to go, and waiting for a good home!!!

 Well we have to say, we do love the days when someone comes in our store, loves and appreciates what we do and wants buy something they love just as much as we do!! 
But we do love even more when someone comes in and challenges us to make their own creative ideas come to life...
Like this bench.... 
They asked if we could make 22 mustard yellow felt flowers and tuft them into the bench....
hmmm!!! well yes ( with no hesitation) we can do that!!
( nervous??? maybe!! but we didnt say that out load, yet we were up for the callenge)

Turns out we made it happen!!!
 and it is so much better than how we had it!!!

so there you go!! another fav... sitting at the foot of a bed in a really good home!!!