Friday, April 20, 2012

Maxine I am!!!

Usually we can see a piece of furniture and already have a vision for it!!!  We cant wait to get our hands on it and get "r'' done!!!! But then when we have it in our head of what we have to do..... we get ready and prep, and start the vision with pure excitement!!!! and then............... well sometimes it just doesn't quite go as planned!!! 

This was maxine, she threw us for some curve balls, which made us second guess the vision...(just a little).
and yet sometimes you just got to step back , do a good overnight sleep on it ( or 2 or 3 nights), and start fresh in the morning!!!

and then you press on, and you

Be Aggressive.... Be -EEEE, Aggressive
and the result is This Beautiful piece 

And in the end... It is all worth the wait!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Yup, the design of this cabinet seems a little aggressive. This should be a good centerpiece in a simply designed living room or in the room of your kids. It's very colorful after all, and I assure that kids would love that combination of colors.

    Gerry Bossier