Friday, March 9, 2012

Well hello there???

Ok, so you know when you have a vision and the vision is going just as planned, and then you step back and see whats really going on, and then you say OHHH MAN!! Thats GOOOD!!
Well that happend with MR. Ombre'!!! 
However the more i looked at Mr. ombre' i realized he needs some kind of tourquise, 
and then when he got some tourquoise, i thought NO!!! hes a she, she!!!!

and boy is she purrty!! shes elegant, and classy, and so clean!!!

So Please meet! MRS. OMBRE'!!!!!!!

she is one of those little miss perfect's!!!, that just goes with anything!!!

1 comment:

  1. baHA. mrs ombre!!! that was the best post ever. annnnnd, where is there a turquoise wall now? have you been doin' some painting without meeeeee? :)