Saturday, January 21, 2012

From Old to Re-New'd

Here is a before and after of a custom vanity that we did a while ago.  I loved this vanity even before we Re-New'd it and so did everyone else.  I had so many people want to buy it as is...but it had a proud owner already.  She got a sweet deal on it on Craigslist but wanted it Re-New'd in a peacock teal...a good color.

I loved it even more after the hours it took me to take the LAYERS and LAYERS of white paint it had.  I had doubts for a while that the white paint would never come all the way off.  This peice was another labor of love.  But it was all worth it after it was done...

I will name her Elaina.

Here she is before...

Good right?

She was pretty haggard though.

And this is what she looked like after...

Even better right?

I love the way she turned out.

Happy Saturday!!

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