Sunday, August 7, 2011

Package Deals

Every so often we will be putting together a package deal that will include a cluster of items from our store that will be picture perfect and ready for your home.  The packages that we have created are items that we feel would go great together and will save you money when buying the bundle package.  Sometimes it's hard to invision putting peices together with different colors, textures, styles and patters.  Our Package Deals will do that for you.

This weeks package will include along with the original prices:

Dresser: $150
Original Artwork Created by Joseph Mueller: $250
Thermos: $20          
Vintage Letter: $20
2 Books: $6
Vase: $4

The total of all these items would total $450.

We are taking 20% off this total package bringing the cost of all these items to: $360+ tax

1 comment:

  1. paid a visit to your shop today. Very nice. I'll be back to browse now and again.