Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Shop: Before & After

From one day to the next, we went from selling our furniture at the swap meet, to opening up a store.
It started as a bare junk pile, for all things Plaza Properties.

First up, clearing out the warehouse.

Second, sanding the floors.

and lastly, painting the walls with our signature mustard stripes :)

The Greatest Sign EVER!

A wallpapered wall

Our dream was becoming a reality!!!!
There are so many people to Thank!!!
Frank Robles ( Dad) for helping us get started and doing the floors!
Karen Robles (Mom) for helping us get started also, Teaching us how to wallpaper! watching Malia & Olivia!
Chris Hunsicker (Karis's Husband) We pretty much couldn't do it with out you.
Molly Wenger ( Best Friend) Best designer ever..she made our business  cards, flyers, banner ,and Blog!!

These people helped make it happen, and we will be forever grateful, and Love you always!!!!

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